COVID support

It has not escaped anyone’s attention that the arrival of COVID has turned the world upside down. Not only in a direct sense, but also in an indirect sense. Many are affected by the consequences of the lockdowns. This also applies to the Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic. Due to the loss of income, many local sponsors have withdrawn their financial support. In addition, income that was brought in via tourists and foreign visitors has also disappeared. Unfortunately, little has been arranged in South Africa regarding COVID support from the government. This means that the clinic can use extra income to keep up with all ongoing activities.

What exactly is needed?

From the Turn The Tide Foundation we want to support the clinic in this, so that the doors of the clinic can remain open, even in this time. With a donation you can help us to reach the target amount of €5,000.

16% reached! Still need € 4.215 of € 5.000