HMBC expansion

Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic (HMBC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide professional medical care to the most vulnerable and underprivileged women and babies in the community of Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. After years of waiting and utilizing every m², HMBC is finally expanding its workspace, but needs your help!

The other side of the building where HMBC’s activities take place, was rented by a general practitioner. He has found a great new place and will be moving in December. This allows HMBC to start its scaling-up plans this coming year.

The expansion in square meters is a crucial step for further scaling up plans for the clinic. The expansion allows us to also expand our services, work out further sustainability plans and, in the long term, provide even more women and babies with passionate professional care.

With the extra space, we will make a midwifery (mommy) and postnatal (baby side). There will also be a room for first aid and emergencies and we will offer local care providers the opportunity to provide their services in our building.

HMBC needs your help!

For this expansion and plans we need help.We are looking for partners who want to make this possible by funding (part of) the necessary €15,000 for this project. The proceeds will be used for renovation, furnishing and a part for monthly costs.

If you are from South Africa and you want to donate by ZAPPER, you can use the following QR code. Please note that the Zapper donations are paid directly to HMBC. The donation indicator on this page is not automatically adjusted as a result.

For other donation options use the form here under, which will be processed by Turn the Tide. Turn The Tide is the trust in The Netherlands who has supported HMBC since the beginning. All received donations for this project will be fully used for this purpose.

41% reached! Still need € 8.870 of € 15.000