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Healthy Mom & Baby Clinic

Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic (HMBC) is a non-profit, Christian-based organization dedicated to providing professional medical care to the most vulnerable and underprivileged women and babies in the community of Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. HMBC believes in empowering teens and women to help them make informed choices about their health, pregnancy, children and family.

How the Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic started

In 2004 Margreet Wibbelink, in collaboration with Laura Birch, started a small private health clinic for mothers and babies in Jeffrey’s Bay. The care for the sick is primarily arranged by local authorities. However, because the slums in particular are growing explosively, local governments are no longer able to meet the need for good care, if at all. As a result, the necessary care for pregnant women and young mothers is lacking. The reality of South Africa is unfortunately one of poverty, unemployment, ill health marked by HIV/AIDS (25% of the population), tuberculosis and alcohol abuse, both among men and women.

In March 2009 the clinic was expanded with obstetric care and the clinic was given the name ‘Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic’. The clinic was registered as an NGO (Non Governmental Organisation). In 2010 a collaboration with the government was established.


Margreet Wibbelink founded HMBC in 2004


Quality loving care

The goal of HMBC is “healthy mothers and babies in South Africa”. HMBC wants to achieve this by providing accessible, timely and high-quality care and services to (future) mothers, their babies and children up to 12 years old.

The clinic provides a wide range of care in the field of family planning (contraception), pre- and postnatal care, baby care and cervical cancer screening. Social services are also offered. A social worker provides information and education in schools and there is a support group for pregnant teenagers in the area. HMBC has a team of counselors who support teenagers and women in difficult circumstances such as unwanted pregnancy, rape, alcohol abuse in close proximity, violence or the death of a baby or child.

More than 1,000 women, babies and children are cared for every month. The clinic has grown in recent years in such a way that every m2 is used to the maximum. Behind the clinic a wooden outbuilding has been built for a shop with second-hand items, an extra consultation room and a garage for the mobile clinic. In the second-hand shop, women can buy beautiful maternity and children’s clothes for a small amount.

The vision for 2030

By 2030, HMBC wants to have grown from a clinic to a center. The center will have a number of delivery rooms, so that healthy pregnant women in the center can give birth under the supervision of midwives. Other rooms will be rented out to a dietician, physiotherapist and psychologist who are available to all women. By renting out rooms and shop premises on the site, HMBC will be self-sufficient and less dependent on donors and sponsors. Furthermore, the center will have solar panels and a water system to be self-sufficient in electricity and water, and to be able to operate when power is not available.

Because the center is getting bigger and of better quality, more and more women and babies/children from the region will be able to count on good care. For example, HMBC will be an example center for midwives in South Africa and a place where midwives can do an internship and receive additional training, so that they can start a similar clinic in their area.
By offering good and loving information, education, prevention and care to all girls and women, they will be able to make conscious choices for themselves and their (future) family.

Be part of the movement

The Turn The Tide Foundation supports HMBC financially. You can stay informed about HMBC by subscribing to the newsletter of the Turn The Tide Foundation. Also take a look at the South African website of the HMBC. HMBC is entirely dependent on donations and subsidies. Help and donate today!


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