Project in Jeffrey's Bay

HMBC Mobile Clinic

In addition to the work in the Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic, care is also provided in the slums in Jeffrey’s Bay. In 2016, thanks to Turn The Tide and Wilde Ganzen, the clinic was expanded with a mobile clinic. Two days a week, the mobile clinic goes into the neighborhoods to care for the most vulnerable mothers and babies. This mobile service has already helped several malnourished and physically abused children. The mobile clinic, which is fully equipped as a consultation room and control room, is invaluable for this work.

Care in the slums

The mobile clinic visits community daycare centers every Tuesday to pick up on malnutrition, missed vaccinations and other illnesses. Children can be treated on site in the mobile clinic. Every Thursday the mobile clinic goes to ‘dark corner’. ‘Dark corner’ is the extreme part of a slum and is growing explosively. There is no water or electricity here and there are no sanitary facilities. Every Thursday, the HMBC offers healthcare here to everyone who needs it. Seriously ill people are regularly picked up here and they are provided with adequate care. The care is monitored for as long as it is necessary. When the medical situation is stable, patients are transferred to the local clinics.

Help us!

The intention was that the mobile clinic would extend an extra day in 2020. However, due to the corona measures, the mobile clinic cannot enter the neighborhoods and is located on the grounds of the HMBC. There, the mobile clinic serves as an extra consultation room. And that is badly needed because the HMBC urgently needs extra space. In this way, the mobile clinic is also used usefully today. Using and maintaining the mobile clinic incurs costs. The Turn The Tide Foundation helps to cover these costs. Will you participate?


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