Sponsor a pregnancy

Support a pregnant woman

If a pregnant woman in South Africa wants to go to a clinic for a regular check-up, she often spends many hours, maybe even a whole day. For many that is not an option, because that way they miss out on their income for that day. That is why they often make the choice not to have any checks done. The consequences can be guessed at: complications during pregnancy, such as preeclampsia and an increased risk of death of the child or mother.

It is not necessary!

The Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic in Jeffrey’s Bay (South Africa) tries to show that things can be done differently: the well-trained midwives there treat pregnant women, also from the slums, in a professional way, as you are used to in western countries. So by appointment and without long waiting times.

The intention is, of course, that the clinic in Jeffrey’s Bay becomes an example in the wider area and who knows, even on a national level. Margreet Wibbelink, the midwife in the video below, has therefore made the switch from Jeffrey’s Bay to Johannesburg to try to initiate a higher quality midwifery standard in the country.

By supporting a (fellow) pregnant woman from the slums of Jeffrey’s Bay, you make it possible for the Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic to continue to provide professional and loving healthcare.